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By December 21, 20224 Comments

I cant tell you how many guys ask me for burp porn or a burp video. I know I could fake a video I guess but I dont really want to. As you would know if youve seen a lot of my videos I burp and fart often and unashamedly. But its all natural and random.

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  • jp112 says:

    Just subscribed cause of these burps, are there natural burps in your other videos cause I want to find them if there are!

    • I randomly burp in a lot of my vids man. Cant tell you which ones though. I need a hard core burb sub to go through all my videos and make a compilation video!!! Though i do have a special treat for my burp fans coming next month…

      • jp112 says:

        Already on it and found a lot of belches! Why do you burp so often, do you just take in a lot of air while fucking?

        • LOL, never been asked that. I thought it was just normal and most people are too polite to do it in front of others or def in front of a camera. if not i really dont know other than maybe im just a natural beast.

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