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By January 26, 2023No Comments

Now I know I have a massive REP for fucking like a wild animal and even when I am thinking I’m being gentle most guys say its still pretty intense. But that jack hammering way of fucking came about when I started doing studio porn and the only way I could stay hard was if I went hard or went… soft! Guys are always asking me to smash them, or say to me I need a really hard fuck so can you help me out. Shit like that. To be honest, when a bottom wants something, no, is gagging for it, it’s actually a massive turn off. Im more likely to go harder on a guy who isn’t expecting it or has asked for it. Also I cant maintain that intensity for huge amounts of time. I mean, I can fuck you aggressively all night long but there has to be levels when it comes to sex. It bores me shitless if it’s just hard. Good sex goes from gentle to brutal and back again. Guys are always meeting me and say you’re not what I expected. You are chilled and can be very gentle. So I show them my WERE WOLF EST 1980 ink on my fingers and say, “That’s me. But I’m not the beast all the time, sometimes I am the man, other times the beast, it will depend on the guy I am fucking and if he wakes the beast up or not…”



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