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By January 10, 2023No Comments

Guys cant get enough of my thick hairy pecs and especially my extra juicy, what I like to call ém, daddy suckers! That being my swollen nipples that guys can spend hours suckling on. Over-sized from years of nipple play and torture as well as pumping, my beast rudders are made to be latched onto and serviced! I love using my Mister B Amsterdam! Extra Large Tit Suckers to swell my nips up even more. It makes me look like I have severe “bitch tits!” which, you can imagine is a major turn on for me!

IF you haven´t checked out my INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS I filmed for Mister B! that covers dick, cock and ball, two-way dick and even clit pumping! Make sure you click HERE! and watch them now.

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