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You see people start running past screaming out the name of  the Beast King! ROGAN! ROGAN! That’s when the smell hits you, it fills your nostrils and clogs up your throat. You almost gag at first from the powerful potency, but then the stench of your Kings masculine sweat mixed with testosterone and bodily fluids that has swept through the city in a thick wave makes your cock instantly rock hard and ass hole twitch in pleasure. You always smell the Beast Kings feet first, then his wet sweaty huge balls and cock, even before you see him, which considering he towers above the city higher than any man made structure is testimony on just just how strong his body odour is! And thats even before you run and join the other worshippers at your Kings feet. The stink so strong this close it is like a thick fog and you almost can not see the person kneeling next to you. And even as strong as it is, it is nothing compared to when the Beast King lifts his arms and the smell of those wet armpits take over all your senses! Your noise and lungs are raped from the harsh pungency, your eyes water and for many they loose consciousness and drop to the ground in an aroused fevered dream. You only hope you will be blessed today and have one of the Beast Kings armpit sweat beads fall onto you. If you don’t pass out from the force of the sweat hitting you, you reveal in being saturated in his pit stink that will stay with you for weeks afterwards.

You scream your devotion and you look up too see…

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