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I often forget how long I have been doing this for and how many lives I have touched. I forget that for many men out there I was their GAY awakening. Their first porn–crush. The reason they not only discovered but accepted their sexuality and sexual fetish’s. That to these pigs I am a sex GOD. To others a standard to live up too, to find in their sexual encounters. I get blown away that guys often tell me they show my films to tops and say, Fuck me like that! I never set out to achieve any of these amazing achievements, I just turned my passions into my jobs and just did me. Of course this also has the opposite effects, and makes guys extremely jealous, obsessive, bitter and hateful. But that’s just human nature and unfortunately gay nature, to troll and attack what you cant have, cant be or don’t understand.

If I have helpped anyone discover their sexuality and even more, accept it, that is the biggest compliment I could ever get. Having such a confusing and shameful coming out myself, being for the most part isolated and alone, with the kids around me debasing homosexuality, with the adults telling me all homosexuals are phedos, it was not easy to discover I was gay, to tell these people, and hardest to tell and embrace it myself.  It was a very long journey to the confident, I am going to live my life the way I want too and don’t give two fucks what anyone has to say, proud, sexually hungry gay pig I am today! So I am so FKIN happy to have helped anyone on that rollercoaster journey in a positive way.  And I will continue to be me unabashedly. To promote a sexually piggy promiscuous lifestyle. To educate and speak about what I have been through, going through and yet want to do.

And I dare you to try and keep up with your BEAST DADDY KING! And I can guarantee you will. never be short of turned on, entertained or amused.

And as for those self important troll haters, keep the trash talk coming because it’s a good indication that I am achieving exactly what I set out to do.

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