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I often have to stop and take everything I managed to achieve throughout my life in. Not just socially or career wise but personally. It just so happens unlike most people my personal life and professional life are one and the same. For better or worse I made my life this way. So when guys comment on my chest it really does take me back to when I was a young boy discovering hormones and his sexuality and that the lights directly in front of the downstairs mirrors, in the front entrance of my family home would accentuate my chest muscles, that believe me at that time were far from what Shakira would one day sing about. But somehow those lights made em look like Cenas! And I would stand there pull out my little sausage roll and wank one out, every night, after my family were in bed, every day of the year for several years. I honestly do not know where my fascination with mens chests originated from or when, but from as long as I can remember, pecs, in their entirety, muscle, nipple, hair if any and all, were my biggest stimulation and turn on. So after being a self shamming, insecure, shy teen and transforming myself into the Beast Daddy Muscle King that you know me as today, I never fail to be humbled and pause when a guy says I have the best chest he’s ever seen.

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