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I don´t know when I became attracted to male muscle? And even though it may have have been a sexual attraction, that was not obvious to me for quite some time. I was naive to homosexuality or that I was a flaming homo. Instead a muscular physique represented masculinity, confidence and strength. All i know is I wanted to look like the bodybuilders on my old mans gym walls. And the men in the trashy barbarian and action D grade films my dad would rent from the video store. (Yes, my dad has a lot to answer for and I am very much a fathers son.)

However I do remember an incident on my school bus. This has stuck with me over the years and is possibly one of the first moments that I was inspired and turned on equally. It was a hot Brisbane day and the thick warm air that swamped the bus was filled with sweat and puberty. I was half way down the bus when I looked towards the back and there right in the middle of the back seat in view of the entire bus, his legs spread out wide was a senior who had unbuttoned his shirt and had it pulled wide open to reveal what looked like to me massive pecs and a set of hard abs. This is questionable, I used to think Joey Lawrence was buff! He had a noticeably good body. And he was fkin hot. A thick set of wavy blonde hair on a handsome cocky face. It wasnt just his body that made me feel something erupt withen me. It was his absolute confidence. The combination of those two things made me feel in awe, Im sure turned on without knowing why and pretty fkin shy and inadequate. I wanted to be that guy. I wanted to have those muscles and wanted to be confident enough to sit in a crowded, all boys none the less, bus and show those muscles off and know I was the man.

And here we are…

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