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I remember when this came out and the studios I was filming for said you can’t post stuff like that and when I told them I had man-drag performances online they said, take those down! I was a DOM MACHO TOP now and couldn’t be posting stuff like that. Do you think I listened to them? That was a distinct point in my porn career where I made a personal decision not to ever pretend to be someone Im not, or allow closed minded pre-conceptions of what other people had about masculinity and what it means influence my beliefs or my choices. And as soon as I retired from working with studios I was allowed to fully embrace my absolute truth in everything I did or filmed.

I always laugh at how stupid guys get when confronted with terms like masc and fem. How much they lie or act just because they want other peoples approval of them or to be called or seen a certain type. At the end of the day, you have it or you don’t honey, And no amount of faking it will ever make you pass for the real deal. For me there was never a dos and don’ts for being a masculine man. I discovered what masculinity meant for me, thanks most part to my father, his obsession with bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling and D-Grade barbarian films. For right or wrong Tarzan was my role model and the kind of guy I wanted to be when I grew up.

During the process of discovering who I was, what I was and becoming the Alpha Beast King you all know me for i also discovered pop music, wigs, women’s clothing and makeup and had fun with it all! Dressing up and camping it up to have a fun night with myself or friends never changed who I was or what I am and I will happily then, now and forever belt out a mime to my fav HSM song on camera as much as own and abuse a sub on that very same camera.

Discover YOUR TRUTH. Learn it. LOVE it. OWN it. Even if it means going your own way…

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