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I always have a little giggle at the posts gay guys do when they pretend to be these alpha beasts that wanna fight. Esp the ab and pec punching posts that are a joke. I know, I know, it´s fake! It´s not meant to be real but just suggestive of a reality that turns certain people on. That shit never turns me on. The straight lads know how to do it, and boy do they do it hard! When I finally met Alex Berg recently I didn´t have to worry about telling him to hit me harder. The opposite, I had to tell him to start softer so we had somewhere to build up form. Unfortunately the hotel room was so small we couldn’t fit us let alone my camera equipment! But we manages to do this hot pec and ab punching session that can be seen on my XXX page this month as a RORI film. And if you wanna see the clips of me smashing his muscle ass go to my Only Fans.

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