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Guess its that day when I repost that XXXAMS performance I did way back when! It never gets old though.

This was the first time I ever got naked in front of a crowd of people. This was pre-cockrings, pumping and pre-porn! I was so nervous but I forced myself out of my comfort zone and made myself go for it! The funny thing is the crowd got more nervous than me. A guy getting his dick out in public that wasnt a strip club or sex venue was not common back then and even against the law. When you see me walking along the crowd with my xmas stocking, I was trying to hand out presents to the audience but when i held them out people shied away. I literally had to just throw one of the gifts into the crowd cause no one would take it from me.* Australia has come a long way since then and so has my cock…

*Or maybe I stank too much?

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