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if you want to see what I mean check out my latest XXX film. One of Roc’s followers once said to him that they didn’t like the films with me cause they. don’t like chem sex. Our fucking was so intense and animalistic, the guy thought we had to be on drugs when in fact we were totally sober. ROC doesn’t use drugs ever. This is the just the kind of sex I have when I find a guy with the same sexual attitude as me, or appetite, you may say. There’s chemistry and then there’s primal – no holding back – fucking like you see here. And you don’t need drugs. You just need to trust your partner and let go. Or be so FKIN turned on you physically have no choice but to let go!

This was actually our very first meet! Theres a bunch of films on my site with ROC that were filmed after this initial session…

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