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I mean even sex with me isn’t 100% guaranteed to be mind-blowing-amazing! Maybe 90% of the time. It is possible for a fuck to be good based purely on the performance of one of the two people involved. In my case this inevitably would be me and my attention would be very limited. Great sex is a combination of two people (on the rare occasion more). Back to the one man fuck show;

A Dom Top can be, what I call a, “Text Book DOM”, this is a carbon copy of fucking techniques that the idiot perceives to be what is expected from such a role. They are known but not limited to be totally self absorbed and ignore the bottom entirely, reducing them to a hole. They have no room for improv. so that poor bottom better make sure the tunnel is clean as whistle, his phones set to silence and best not say a word for the duration of the fuck unless ordered too and for Gods sake (or your ass holes) stay on script! A lot of sub bottoms even get off on this type of scenario. I can make you feel like a used and battered hole while also connecting with you on some passionate or emotional level. I’m not talking about romance doofus. I probably don’t even remember your name. But for the sex to be great with me, two things have to happen. First I need to see us, so no lights off. (This is not a James Wan film) and mirrors are a major plus but not a deal breaker. Second, I need to have a responsive bottom. This is not a vocal power bottom that flings his legs around and screams “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Even worse, “Fuck me harder!” You will be out the door straight away. I feed off how a bottom reacts to what I am doing to him and that he is enjoying it.

A super hot guy once hooked up with me, who was a top no less. But I have fucked A LOT of tops. I believe this is due to my undeniable masculinity that just places me as the alpha with no explanation needed. My really, really, good looks and, dare I say it, super fkin hot physicality from head to foot that just has them swooning for my cock. Or tina. Anyway this guy was a fan. Didn’t want to be fucked but was into my tits. Green light! What time can you get here? You will see in a film that I will post soon on my XX page called, TOP TIT PIGS, how two total Dom Tops can have an insanely hot sexual session together as long as they can connect passionately with a particular fetish. AND have mutual RESPECT for each others said role. Meaning none of this moronic disillusioned dialogue like, “Well you haven’t had my dick.” or “You haven’t been fucked by me.” or (and serioulsy yawn, “I know its just a role you play but I won’t tell anyone.” Fetish’s that out weigh your sexual preference. Tit and or nipple play, torture and or worship. Eating out my sweaty pits or my thick muscle ass. Muscle worship or muscle power, can be mutual or with me being worshipped and displaying my power. Also boxing and cocky Alpha vs Alpha play. So when this guy arrived he started on jumped on my tits at a super intense level then tried to jump on me in the same way. I kept having to tell him to calm down. I tried to explain to him that you can’t start with that intensity but start softer and increase as you go along. The speed at which you do is dependant on the guy you’re with. His response was guys don’t complain. This is a sad indication at how our GP have become accustomed to bad sex and happy to take what they can. He also said he learnt sex from watching my porn. Ok, lets get something straight right now;

I would like to clarify that he was talking about my “Studio” porn. Which, no offence to this good looking chap, and lucky he was, is actually fake. Not like the real fuck films that are on my website. And yes, in the studio porn I was in I did fuck like a jack hammer from start to end. This was BECAUSE it was the only way I could stay hard. Because it was fake AND with condoms. PrEP wasn’t around back then. That isn’t to say I won’t fuck you till your ass has turned into jello when its real sex, but again, that depends on how hard the bottom can take it. I will always push their boundaries and see how far they will allow me, and trust me, to go. But ultimately I only bulldozer them if I know they’re gonna be in ecstasy from it. AND not the whole time. It has to be like a rollercoaster ride, a sexual exploration, an adventure story. One level the whole time equals soft cock.

AND can I also at this point address two awful misconceptions. The first, not all Tops want a tight hole. In my case I hate them. My cock is too thick and just as sensitive so the more loose and wet you are the better. Second, I am not into shaven ass holes. Naturally smooth is hot but shaven is actually a turn off and it will def stop me from rimming you.

While I’m preaching – A DOM TOP does not mean BE FORCEFUL. And with me more often than not it also doesn’t mean instructing the sub on what to do but allowing him to find his own way to becoming a total sub pig for me. I can be verbal or silent. This approach to sex stops me from getting into heavy BDSM which a lot of guys would assume I am into, or may hope as I would make a hot as fuck Master but that shit bores the fuck outta me. Especially if toys or restraints get involved. I never wanna use an inanimate object on your body, I want to use me. I also don’t wanna tie you up as that gives me no sense of control over you as you have no choice to disobey me. It’s when you are not physically impaired but still do as I say that provides me with a sense of being in control of you. I get the whole level of trust and anxiety that comes from being tied up and power form tying someone up and I can have fun with it for a very short period of time. But I am way to obsessed with having your hands on my massive muscles or junk at all times! There is no better feeling than that of a guy feeling me up and getting off on how huge I am. Everywhere.

Other than his mouth of course. Or the feeling of his ass hole when my cock, tongue, fist, foot or ball sack is fucking him!

Disclaimer. You may think a lot of the above is said tongue-in-cheek. I always approach life with a sense of humour but I also say it how it is. I absolutely love myself but don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I am just the best or try to be the best I can be and if more people loved themselves there would be less hate and jealousy in the world. Also it helps to not be religious, racist or feel loyal to any nation.

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