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D BOY at the Duke’s hotel. 2016.

By photography by ROGAN RICHARDS No Comments

I dragged D Boy to my mates hotel room in London and said bring some clothes to shoot in. He brought a suit case, we brought out the bottle of Rum and Whisky and the rest is history!

LOV this Irish PITBULL!

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Pec Puppies at City Gym 2013

By Bodybuilding by ROGAN RICHARDS One Comment

The atmosphere is old school enough to have that “Pumping Iron” feel and the equipment is new enough to get the job done. I’m talking about City Gym Sydney. You would have seen a shit load of selfies I’ve been posting up on Instagram taken in the mirror of the men’s room at this gym – that room and mirror is notorious for muscle selfies because of its great down lighting!

For this video I hit my trademark, thick hairy, pecs. Instead of stacking the weight on as I normally do I opt for volume, supersets and controlled full range of motion going to failure.

Massive thank you to CITY GYM SYDNEY.