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the MAIN MENU image that was never used.

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When I was working with the “Company from Hell” I wasn’t all too happy with their design efforts, so I went out myself and with the help of Travis De Jonk (an old mate of mine who i first met on the set of Channel 31 when we were presenters on there and then modelled for him many times for Bad Behaviour Photography) shot this “main menu” image. The idea was that the viewer would scroll over each Rogan that represented a different section of the web site. Once on the Rogan you wanted you would click on him and be taken to that section.

I still think this is a KIKASS idea and one that I may update and reboot in the future…


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I walk into the gym change rooms after a trade mark “NO – HOLDING BACK – MASSIVE PUMP – KIKASS!” workout. My vascular skin stretched tight over my charged muscles. l hear someone follow me in. It’s another massive guy, we noticed each other on the gym floor and acknowledged that we were both the biggest guys in the place. Standing on opposite sides of the room, we stare each other down. Our thick pecs rising up and down inside our muscle stringers that are pulled tight against them. It’s time to establish who is the “Alpha” and I start flexing. He copies me and soon we are both showing off our gargantuan physiques. Each time we flex our clothing rips against the strain of our muscles. First our tops shred and fall away. Then our pants start to rip as we flex our thick legs.  Our juicy thick cocks burst out of our pants, hard and dripping cum. Completely naked we stomp towards each other until we are head to head, muscle to muscle, cock to cock.  We give it our all and don’t hold back, howling at the top of our voices as we strain every muscle on our body till we look like we are going to explode. Without even having to touch our dicks, cum blows out of our cocks into one another. BUT my cum is stronger hitting the other guy off his feet, across the room, into the wall and drops him on the ground.

I wink at him, my thick cock now dropping between my legs drooling cum, and with my cocky smile say, “it’s ALL about the FLEX!”


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I never wanted to be a PORN STAR I only started doing films to gain fans to join my then, very basic web site. When my career exploded in 2012 I knew I could make a career outta being ROGAN RICHARDS. I could pursue all my creative dreams and use my body to open doors and generate interest in who I was and what I was doing. I also knew that my first web site (Thank you Peter!) wasn’t powerful enough to keep up with my rising profile. At the beginning of 2013 I took it down with the understanding that I would have a new web site in 4-6 weeks by a company I had hired.

Over 3 years later I still had nothing.

In my entire career I had never felt so frustrated, demoralized and BUTT fucked as I have working with that company. I had asked porn stars, porn companies, artist’s and their pet gold fish for help and though I have always had a real positive response form everyone in the industry no could give me a straight answer or solution to the problems I was having.


At the beginning of 2015 I got a message from IN-CHARGE.NET on my Facebook page asking if I wanted a web site. At first I declined explaining my situation. Luckily (and let this be a lesson to anyone reading this, persistence and taking the initiative DOES pay off!) IN-CHARGE.NET came back 2 weeks later with a mock up web site that was 10 times better than the actual site I was working on that had taken 3 years for this other company to develop. I also had just found out about several major flaws in the site. It was then that I finally gave up and accepted the loss of 3 years income and professional damages and over $6000 spent and walked away. (Did I mention I was royally BUTT fucked!?)

I contacted IN-CHARGE.NET and said, “Lets do this!” and a couple of months later here we are!

This web site allows me to give back to the industry that created me, and that I am proud to be apart of, the PORN industry. I get to show my fans the real sex machine that I am – there’s no script or acting here. It allows me to take my bodybuilding to the next level with my own online coaching (In development) and most importantly allows me to showcase my passion in photography, film, performance and editing. It allows me to be me 100% FULL THROTTLE!

“it’s ALL about The FLEX!” and it’s my chance to finally show the world what I’m made off!


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