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I appeared at HOTRODS 1st birthday. I just got on a box to GOGO and stunk the entire club out! Sweat lovers, you would’a been proud! Since that night and for the remaining time HOTROD was running it was a playground for my craziest PERFORMANCE ART pieces. All, except one, that was captured on film for your playback enjoyment.

Here is my XXXMAS show with my, then BF, Tommy aka QUIFF and the beautiful ALEXANDRA.

IMG_3929Rod Spark-HotRod-7090IMG_3960Rod Spark-HotRod-7124IMG_3888IMG_3981IMG_3948IMG_3916 IMG_3926IMG_3870IMG_3979IMG_3886IMG_3850IMG_3830IMG_3808IMG_3944IMG_3956

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