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No judgements, no restrictions, no one telling you how you should act or what you can or can’t do.

LOADED is the lastest MENS ONLY party at SIRCUIT.

Rogan Richards has become a familiar face with his trade-mark creative performances where he pushes the boundaries of sexual stereotypes and sexuality.

After his recent more sedate performance that just teased the crowd, Rogan is returning to up the ante BIG TIME!

Having performed at major sex parties around the globe including Hustla Balls, Circuit and Pride Festivals, Rogan wanted to bring that inhibited sexually driven atmosphere to his home town.

Knowing the restrictions Australian laws put on what can and can’t been done in public but also being one to push the limits, Rogan honors the industry that made him a bedroom name and brings with him LETTERIO AMADEO and Raging Stallion exclusive SKIPPY BAXTER for 2 ASS-KICKING live shows.

With DJ SPYKE and VERSY VERSE bringing BOOTY TECH – HUMP ELECTRO beats with them to the decks.

LOADED is all about having some dirty fun.

Saturday 20th February from 9pm


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