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the story of BATMAN does SUPERMAN

By April 1, 2016December 22nd, 2019No Comments


In 2012 a trailer and promo circulated around the internet to my film titled “SUPERHEROS” but a few major set backs happened that prevented the film from being posted. (I can’t remember if a version ever made it up onto my old site but someone has assured me that it never saw the light of day, or the go to list of anyones wank bank.) First my computer crashed and I lost the files. Then I managed to recover the files but lost my edit. Then I started to re-edit the film but that’s when my old web site was taken down and well, we ALL know the (horror!) story from that point on.

BUT here for the first time (and allow me to switch to 3rd person for dramatic effect!) re-edited and renamed BATMAN DOES SUPERMAN (for obvious currant trending reasons!) is the film where you see JAY BLACK eat ROGAN’S super large ass out with more passion and hunger than has ever been captured on screen before. AND if that isn’t enough for you to check this film out then maybe watching him pin ROGAN down and force feed him his massive black cock will be!


This film was photographed by John Fallon Studio in a hotel room in LA. It was kinda thrown together last minute, hence the lack of detail with costuming, the only thing about this film that grates on me is that SUPERMAN Should have had the appropriate underwear to match BATMAN’S. Other than that I FKIN LOV it, considering it was shot in 2012 it still holds up and goes with my web site’s approach to PORN. The double R! Raw and Real. This film was also meant to be part one of two BUT part two also fell into production hell when ROGAN was banned from entering the USA. BUT part 2 is in pre-production to b shot in London and feat Skippy Baxter as ROBIN. With JAY BLACK recast (he requested!) as WONDER MAN and the new actor playing BATMAN yet to be revealed…


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