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By November 7, 2017No Comments

Which is surprising, no, genuinely surprising seeming how much abuse it takes on a daily basis! I have been releasing the RO-RI JOM films at my XXX page over the last few months. VOL 3 and 4 were the last dropped and the last VOL – VOL 5 is next.

For those of you who don’t know the background to these films, when I had my first moor humble site and I wasn’t a Porn Star I would post up jack off films once a month. These films are FKIN HOT now and back then they were smokin hot cause they were the first time my fans could see my meat and how i liked to play with it.

Spanning over 7 years I have chronically collected these films together and released them by date so you can see the evolution of my character and body.

RO-RI films are special short films for MEMBERS ONLY on my XXX and BODYBUILDING page that are a thank you from me to you guys for all your continued support.

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