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My web site just turned 2! And i feel like I’m making an acceptance speech with this post BUT i have to THANK! These guys made and run my site. (Anyone in my industry that wants to to take it to the next level – U need to contact them.) AND i need to THANK my FANS and MORE IMPORTANTLY my MEMBERS! So here’s what I’m gonna do…

FIRST I wanna hear back from you! Fill out this SURVEY.

SECOND I am dropping 3 XXX films for the 1st 3 months of 2018!

THIRD I have just launched my MERCHANDISE PAGE with 3 KIKASS FLEX T shirts so you can wear me all day long against you’re naked body! AND will be adding new products there soon…

I have said this many times – without all your support there would be no me so I really FKIN appreciate that you LOV getting off to me! and that I am your ultimate MUSCLE DADDY! I have also said I never wanted to be a pornstar or have a porn studio BUT FK do i LOV fucking on film for you guys and absolutely get off on going on a heap of horny adventures and exploring all my sexual fetish’s in front of you guys.

2 years and still going STRONG! and getting BIGGER (in all sense of the word!)

Comment and Like if this made you HARD

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