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Last month I dropped Rough Housing, an unexpected rough fucking film. I made an account on MeetFighters about 2 years ago to try and find guys to fight/fuck with for my site. As I get older I continue to change as a person and my sexual interests continue to change as well. Yes, I still like to fuck an ass like a steam-train-jack-hammer but just fucking like that isn’t enough to keep me hard anymore, there has to be some sort of “piggy” or “animalistic” connection. This is the reason I tend not to film with guys who have Only Fans or Just For fans as this has become the new popular porn platform and, nothing against these guys making this their business and getting heaps of money from it, in doing so it has become very self-conscious and often driven by popularity and money. I’m not gonna fuck you cause you want more followers, I’m gonna fuck you, firstly cause I want too, secondly cause you have appealed to one of my many fetishes. Just because you’re good looking and wanna get fucked rough isn’t a major turn on for me.

So I am constantly trying to explore my sexual interests on film for my fans to see and one thing I want to do much more of is fight fucking. Where I go head to head with another bloke, no holds barred and bash each other till one dominates the other. Let’s face it, most probably me, and I fuck the other guy and we fuck like wild beasts.

Now I have to interrupt here to clarify another major misconception that I have found is attached to this kind of sex, rape, dominant scenarios. I have absolutely no interest in totally overpowering another guy and having my way with him unless me doing so gives him a major hard-on. Meaning, my cock responds to you getting off on me. In regards to boxing/fighting, it’s not about who can hit the hardest, it’s about the sexual tension between us, the growling, pecs rubbing against pecs, fat cocks slamming up against the other, and then yes power and strength will come into play but through sexual tension, not competition.

Also, wrestling, though has its definite turn-ons isn’t my preferred choice of fighting, boxing is. If I was to wrestle a guy it would incorporate muscle worship and power. If it’s pure wrestling, because I’m not trained and have never had the opportunity to practice traditional holds and movements, I end up just withering around the floor in a sweaty mess. At least with boxing, I tell the guy we fight till one guy is knocked out or taps out. We also don’t have to even go that far but just start fucking while we continue to punch the crap outta one another.

There’s also a stripped-back version of this type of approach to sex that doesn’t involve lycra, fighting, punching or name-calling and that’s just two guys, without words, slamming, rubbing and connecting with each other on a basic primate, animal level. Pure passionate sex, where sweat, spit and bodily fluids drip everywhere.

This is the kind of sex I want to film and the kind of guys I want to fuck with. Rough Housing kinda captures this kind of sex, as I said previously I wasn’t expecting the guy to be into what he was and I met him at a huge serval day sex bender so I wasn’t at my best which is still way more intense than most guys but I was disappointed I didn’t go at this guy with all I have. So I told him this was just a warm-up and that when I return in November we will smash it harder…

check out Rough Housing now at my XXX page. Also, check out Leather Pigs part 6 Feet Sub, where I make Delicious FF worship and service my huge vascular alpha feet. And stay tuned for me drilling Dick James’s hot ass dropping this month…

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