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Every time that I looked back

I took you back

Gotta own that

Back track

I fucked up

Hurt you

When do we get our chance or have we

Had every chance and fucked each and everyone in the ass

When someone’s addiction is the blood on your hands how do you live to tell

A pop song will only delude you

Cruel you

I made you

And I’m God

Wait up, I don’t want to talk about you, to you, have anything to do with you

It’s hope that fucked me in the ass

It’s hope that made me want it to last

It’s hope that u weren’t a lying selfish cunt

It’s hope that I wasn’t a gullible stupid fool

Fuck hope that shit keeps you in the past

No more

You made it easy for me to walk away

For that I thank you.


a poem by me.

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