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It has only taken 4 years to get here, several manufacturers, 3 different sculptures, and a lot of dead ends later I am proud to announce my very first signature dildo is being released. Proudly presented by my great friends at Eagle Leather. It almost came to the point where Eagle Leather was going to hand over the, what seemed to be cursed, attempt to creating the world’s most wanted sex toy to myself (due to petty retail politics) and I would have to start from scratch all over again. Then out of the forsaken thick smoke that stretched across the battlefield arose a warrior called GangBangster and they took on manufacturing. Now it’s finally ready for my fans, followers, peers, friends, and hater and everyone in between! Now you can finally shove me up your hole!

Proudly presented by Eagle Leather the very first official signature Rogan Richards dildo!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION but the guys at Eagle Leather said it will be up for sale at their site tomorrow! And it will be available on my shop page early next week!

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