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did COVID take away our CHOICE?

By September 24, 2020No Comments

What he said!

I know I try to avoid current affairs but this has affected way too many people I love and care about and I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Firstly, I would like to say I don’t know anyone who has died or gotten sick due to COVID so my sympathy goes out to those people. Please don’t think I am not taking COVID seriously or dismissing the severity of this global pandemic. I understand that we have to put into place extreme levels of damage control. But I’m sorry I DO NOT agree with the way the governments have shut down essential businesses and companies with no regard to their willing responses to work around this outbreak. No consultation and no care to the tremendous and dangerous backlash this has caused so many people.

As I said I don’t know anyone who has suffered from COVID, but I do know people who are suffering from mental illness, depression, insomnia, drug abuse, paranoia, financial and career ruin, and homelessness. Not to mention the relationship breakdowns between friends and partners. I personally lost two of my best friends and almost lost my boyfriend. I have another friend who is very ill and I have no way of being there to support him or his loved ones who are like family to me. I can’t tell you how much hatred I have for these forced totalitarian laws that have been forced upon me.

It’s funny that only the friends I know who’s lives have not actually been truly affected by these lockdowns, other than they can’t go to a bar and get pissed, not that their career they worked their whole lives to create or were working to create, was taken away from them overnight, not that their homes or jobs were taken away, not that their mental health issues were triggered, it’s only these friends that adamantly argue I am wrong and that the response is exactly what is needed.

I am fortunate to have not been affected professionally by COVID, if anything it catapulted my website to greater earnings than it ever had and I am busier now than I have ever been before! Unfortunately, as sex is at the base of my brand, it did affect me when it came to drug abuse. It seems the gay response to COVID is a permanent chem sex party. I will address chem use in a different post all on its own but I will say as a sex worker I saw a massive decline in chem use in 2019 only to have a phenomenal increase in 2020 where 99% of all my jobs now are chem-based so I get high or I don’t work. My response to this is you gotta hire me for 3 hrs or more (I can’t stand the audacity of clients who expect me to get high with them for an hour then go about the rest of my day!) and I try to moderate my use.

It’s this blatant ignorance of the repercussions that have been caused, are being caused, and can still be caused to billions of people that I am furious about. I have always and still believe, after an initial short lockdown, people, businesses and companies should have been allowed the CHOICE to put into place Government approved COVID precautions to combat and stop the spread of COVID. This would have not only allowed these places to stay open but to allow people the CHOICE to continue to perform their essential daily routine that would prevent the multitude of hurtful side effects that people are suffering today. Yes, this places a huge emphasis on people being sensible and reliable and I know firsthand how stupid, selfish, and reckless humanity can be.

But still, we should have been given the opportunity to try and make our daily lives continue to work under these new restrictions.

“Things are getting worse
We have to make them better
It’s time to give a damn
Let’s work together”





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