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By June 28, 2021No Comments

This month I did something unusual. I released a Custom Video called Beast Mode on my XXX page. It was made for Azza who you may or may not remember wrote a FKIN hot filthy animalistic short story about me called THE FARM. (See below)


Well, he contacted me recently and asked me to make this custom for him. As my life for the last 6, well 12 months has been rather complicated, to say the least, it took a while for me to make the video for him and while he was waiting I suggested he write another hot story continuing off from the last and incorporating what he had asked me to film for his custom. (And a previous Custom I had made for him that involved the brothers Liam and Noah who are mentioned in my custom and in the story he wrote…) So he wrote the sequel to his original story, THE FARM II (see below)



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