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By April 26, 2022May 16th, 2022One Comment

I didn´t realise how many fart fans were out there til I asked who wanted to see me letting one rip on Twitter. I couldn´t keep up with the amount of DMs I got to see the clip, to the extent that my clip seemed kinda lame compared to the extensive interest! Though as some one said “you can literally launch 1000 boners with a smile so everything I do is impressive”. Just like the HUGE interest in feet/foot worship, which I plan to expand and focus on this year with me updated website, I plan to explore this fart fetish some more. Like feet worship, it is the aspect of completely dominating another person who will literally eat my farts that gets my cock throbbing rock hard.

In the meantime here´s a wet teaser…

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  • deepthoughts says:

    Fart or no fart, I’d like to see more of you dominating your subs by sitting on their face and making them eat your ass.

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