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If I was a graphic novel this is what I would be and what I would be doing! Written by AZZA. Edited by Rogan Richards. (Now I just need an artist who wants to draw this series into novels!)

WITH eight of his newly bred and broken muscle sons, Beast had amassed a group of horned up, thick bodied, animalistic monsters to start his conquest to breed and skull fuck the world into submission. They were going to fuck everything that lived and breathed, turning everything that caught the sent off their musk, into them.

Beast smiled as he walked into the barn, all the boys had clearly been enjoying each other as they fought amongst themselves to become the favoured of their Muscle Sire. Evidence of their cum fuelled orgies where evident everywhere by the abundance of cum, spit and bodily juices in massive pools on the floor. Scratches and broken barn equipment was strewn all over the place. As he surveyed this all with a proud grunt, Beast saw his current favoured pig, Jordan, in the process of humiliating and dominating Nathan by sitting on his face and forcing Nathan to breathe the only way that was left to him, by inhaling the raw musk of Jordan’s juiced up asshole.

With a satisfying pop Jordan stood up off Nathan’s face allowing drool and snot to run down the humiliated subs face. With streams of spit leaking out of Jordan’s hole, he hauled his now limp toy onto his lap and forced Nathan’s still slowly growing muscle hole straight onto the biggest, thickest cock ever to grace the Farm. Second only to the Beast himself and his steeds. The Beast had said Jordan’s cock was a cunt ruiner! After having drank the Beasts milk and seed for so long, nothing much was left of the original teenage body builder, now there was only a hulking, twitching, muscle pig that lived only to rape and breed to his Master´s will.

As Nathan’s hole stretched wider and wider to accommodate the throbbing slab of veiny meat being forced inside him, his eyes rolled back, and he began to pant like a bitch in heat. Nathan’s pecks had started to come up nicely the Beast noticed, but they could do with a bit of pumping up. A forced engorging to make the swole muscle pups nips look even more juicer and tasty. Taking a set of nipple pumps from a nearby locker the Beast used a mix of his own thick musky precum and spit to lube up the base of the cylinders for better suction, then attached them to his pup’s nipples. The resulting suction proved to be just what Nathan needed to push the over-stimulated pup over the edge, and while Jordan continued to plough away relentlessly into his cunt, Nathan’s own cock sprayed a fountain of pure white hot jizz all over himself and poured in such volumes out the tip of his cock that it flowed over his balls and ran down to soak Jordan’s own impressive nut sack.

Looking at Jordan pant and grunt as he force-fucked the now half-conscious Nathan, using the smaller pig as a flesh lite, the Beast smiled and walked over to feed Jordan his favourite thing, unfiltered raw Beast seed.

Beast had already been back in the house, cock pumped attached and absentmindedly finger fucking one of the new muscle sons bred previously when he had heard the wrestling of Nathan and Jordan, so as he walked over to feed the almighty dark dick to his favoured pig it was by that stage so pumped up it was godlike.

The pumping that had been done to Beasts cock had made what was already a cock made to subjugate the world into submission, into something even grander, more veined and swollen and as it was forced into Jordan’s panting mouth and pushed all the way down his throat and directly into his stomach, Jordan was lucky his jaw didn’t break apart. The Beasts knob was literally sitting in Jordan’s stomach acid and the sting felt so good to the Beast that he took Jordan’s throat in both hands and started to jerk himself off through Jordan’s bulging neck.

Grunting and gaging as he was force fed Beasts cock Jordan’s own pumping into Nathan began to speed up. Each shuddering impact of the Beast´s cock thrusting into his mouth would shudder through his body and make Jordan’s cock push so far into Nathan’s guts, the boy was fucked into oblivion. With one massive aggressive joint shove the Beast and Jordan came in total unison. Gallons of the most potent cumload emptied into Jordan’s now distended and swollen belly and his load simultaneously impregnated Nathan.

Pulling the pumps off Nathan’s now red raw and engorged nipples, the Beast couldn’t help himself but have a little suckle on those sweet tender muscle pup tities, holding Nathan in one massive hand and sucking with a long bull tongue on his son’s tits, with the other hand he patted Jordan’s swollen belly and gave his good pig a head scratch. After a while of this he put Nathan down next to Jordan and walked outside, his big dark cock already twitching as though ready again and sensing new cunts to rape and impregnate.

Almost like a compass the Beast looked down at his twitching cock and noticed it kept twitching and would throb harder over towards where the horses where stabled, like any horned-up muscle god he followed where his cock lead. With the twitching now turning into a full-on erection that was almost painful the Beast rounded the corner of the stables to find the brothers, Liam and Noah, eagerly slurping and drooling over the two-foot-long cock of the Beast´s prize stallion. Both brothers suckled on the precum pouring out of the big black stallion´s dick with such hunger that the horse whined in a mix of pain and arousal. Smelling the strong stink and pungency of the Beast´s cock, even over that of the musky horse cock in their mouths, the muscle brothers looked up with hungry grunts as their master approached.

With Beasts fully engorged cock now taking their full attention, both immediately set to work slobbering and spitting all over the Beasts cock. Noah going down to lick both heavy seed filled balls while Liam gaged and choked down the now fully flowing stream of thick ropey precum gushing out of Beasts piss slit. While his cock was worshiped and worked over the Beast brought both his pigs into a position where he could finger rape their holes nice and wide. Noting that another of the stallions in the yard had trotted over, clearly attracted by the scent of all this testosterone, the Beast pulled his massive fingers out of them both in unison, resulting in their ass juice pouring out of the brothers forming a puddle around their feet. The stallions immediately responded, both rearing up and mouthing the cum hungry brothers. With a grunt and a moan from both the older and the younger brother, the stallions started thrusting deep into their piggy muscle guts, each stallion´s cock could easily tear up these roided-up boy´s insides but both brothers took it without even stopping their mouth worshiping of Beast cock. The brothers knew how best to milk their Muscle God, tracing their tongues over the bloody filled veins in his cock, biting firmly on his balls to make them produce just that bit more cum in response.

Having had his pecks worked over earlier in the day Beast took each of the horses’ reigns in his hands and guided their chomping slobbering mouths onto his massively engorged nipples, both horses found their way naturally to suckle on the trickle off the god milk leaking out of those big dark mutated nipples. Pushed out of the slits between the nipples flesh and the oversized metal rods he used as nipple bars.

The darker stallion was the first to show signs of impending climax, with its muscles and flanks visibly growing whilst being fed God milk its whole body twitched violently, as it started to climax the throbbing cock trashed inside the younger brother Noah and started shaking his insides, each twitch sending a spasm through the teen muscle pig until finally the dark stallion unloaded burning hot horse cum into the deepest part of him. With a sloppy pop Noah came off the steed’s cock, coming up for a gasp of air as the cum flooded his insides, filled to the brim he limply slid to the ground on his haunches. Sitting there is a daze, drool leaking from his mouth and with a swollen cum filled belly his own cock spontaneously erupted with a load that shot up and onto the Beasts heaving chest, splattering the hungry horses as they continued to suckle.

Liam meanwhile was moaning and grunting with the effort of taking the horse cock so far in him it reached the Beasts own cock that was now sliding so far down the pig’s throat. The tough older brother was now speared from end to end by two of the biggest cocks in existence. He gurgled and grunted with each impact. His stallion was about to reach its climax too, as Noah’s horse had done, the same happened to Liam’s and cum flooded Liam’s body. The Beast´s warm cock sheath was now stimulating his cock so much that when both horses gave a satisfying bite, their teeth clamping down on the flesh against the metal bars of the Beast´s nipples, it instantly brought him to climax and he howled into the night, emptying his god seed into the already stuffed muscle sub Liam.

With that much cum in his system Liam’s body was transformed, Beast´s load intertwined with the crazed stallions flooded into his very muscles. Biceps swelled, calf muscles grew and tightened and veins all over his body throbbed visibly under the skin as the mix of animal-God seed went to work pumping his body to the limits. Thick black hair suddenly sprouted over Liam´s huge bulging pecs, a thick line of the same running all the way down his spine to collect at his ass crack. His eyes bloodshot and his body writhing on the ground as it swelled and grew ridiculously big. Beast watched as his pup grew into something very new, something that none of the other boys had become, not even Jordan. Another Apex Predator, a Hunter.

This new, more jacked up, meaner Liam slowly got up off the ground, shoulders heaving and muscles bulging. Sweat drenched him from head to toe. Even before Liam could look up the Beast could smell the other alpha´s defiance and even though he had just had his cock drained twice it instantly stood rock hard and throbbing harder than ever. Precum already oozing out of the end of it. The Beast had waited a long time for this. Liam looked up directly into the Beasts eyes, teeth bared, his own massive pulsating cock sticking up rock hard, and the challenge was made.

Hearing this commotion outside, Jordan and the other muscle pigs came round the corner to see Beast and Liam circling each other, both flexing and unflexing, beating meaty fists on even meatier tits. Jordan and Nathan both could smell something over the usual musk spraying off the two who were about to fight, something more primitive and violent. It was only thanks to a shift in the wind that they both smelled Noah just outside of the circle the two had made, still panting from the stallion rape and swollen with horse seed, the youngest muscle pup lay there half dazed.

Jordan and Nathan came over and started suckling on Noah´s tits while they watched the Beast and Liam. Noah being the youngest of the muscle breeders his peck udders had the sweetest milk and both Nathan and Jordan took a tit each to drink from. Like popcorn at the movies, they looked on, they all knew it was unheard of to challenge the Beast. But then it was unheard of for one of them to transform as significantly as Liam had, now the biggest male in the farm after the Beast. Liam may have felt resentment if he didn’t feel so turned on.

The two alphas had stopped circling one another and walked to face off one another. Their throbbing cocks almost slamming into the others. Massive veins pumping blood into their colossal muscles. Starting down their thick necks that had become one with their traps and bulging shoulders. Their biceps almost popping out of their skin, fists clenched so hard the blood had all but drained out of their fists. Massive wide tits breathing heavy and pushed up and out to display how immense and broad they were. And on either side of their enormous rock-hard cocks that pulsated thick precum were their mammoth vascular legs. The thick hair that covered their bodies dripping with testosterone. Liam was still not as big as the Beast but big enough to hurt him if he knew how. But this would not be a match of skill. Both alpha´s knew this was purely a match of primal animal strength and Liam made the first punch.

Swinging a massive fist right into the side of Beasts head. The Beast took the blow and drove his own fist into Liam’s guts. Winded Liam backed off to catch his breath, but Beast was having none of that, with a massive hand he grabbed a fist full of Liam’s new mane and drove another punch into his guts.

This time Liam was prepared and flexed his abs to take the blow, he didn’t back away but instead, stood up straight and returned a punch into the Beast´s gut. This evoked a satisfying tight grin out of the Beast who smashed Liam back in the guts. Liam grimaced, he knew he couldn´t win this stand off and swung a low blow and punched the Beast in his huge balls. Bellowing the Beast released Liam but instead of retreating he grabbed Liam´s large balls in his hand and squeezed down. Liam cried into the night and instinctively grabbed the Beats sack and clenched down hard. They were eye to eye now, foreheads pressed hard against the others, spitting into one another’s mouths with every breath they took, their engorged cocks smashed dup against the others like two prehistoric anacondas. This time the Beast knew this challenge was even, his balls already sore from all the breeding couldn’t take much more of Liam´s iron grip. He back handed him, sending the challenger spinning away.

Beast looked down at his aching and swollen balls and grunted, despite the pain, both of them were getting large, swelling quickly with all the fighting and punishment they were taking. With the God distracted Liam took a running charge right into Beast´s chest and with his newfound strength even managed to drive the Beast back a few steps. In response Beast raised both hands in the air and brought them smashing down on Liam’s sweat glistening back driving him to the ground on all fours. With a hooking motion the Beast rammed four fingers into the upstart´s cunt with one hand and with his other hand shoved into the boy´s mouth he heaved him over his head.

The Beast held Liam there, suspended in the air by his asshole and gaping mouth, face down so Liam´s enormous cock dangled down to slap the Beast in the face. With a wicked grin the Beast took all of Liam’s veined cock into his big bull mouth. His massive bovine tongue swirling it around in his mouth, Liam´s balls pressed up against the Beasts nostrils he savoured the mixed flavour and stink of precum and muscle sweat. Then slowly he began to bite down. Liam instinctively punched the Beast in the head but that only made the Beast´s teeth tighten down on the boys oversized pulsating cock. Half choked cries and pleading noses exploded from Liam’s mouth as what his sire could do to him finally dawned on Liam. If the Beast had bitten any harder, his cock would be swallowed whole. Knowing full submission and supplication was all that was left to do, Liam finally gave in, with a whine he went limp.

The Beast felt the urge to fight leave his challenger and that in turn made the Beast´s cock and muscles slacken. His alpha role reinforced, he tossed the now properly broken in Liam to the ground with a thud. To make the submission total and to mark Liam properly as his sub the Beast stood over the panting pup, teeth marks still vivid on Liam´s now flaccid cock, with a toe he pushed his head around and made him suck it. Then forcing his mouth wider, he pulled his toe out of Liam’s mouth and aimed his thick meat slab of a dick at Liam’s open mouth and emptied a long hot stream of piss right into it, then all over his face and body.

Total submission was written all over Liam’s face, with his mouth now full and knowing that to waste any of the musky liquid in his mouth would earn him a swift beating, he drank. After the last few drops rained out of his piss slit the Beast leaned down close to Liam’s face, the stink of piss strong in his nose he looked Liam dead in the eye, forcing Liam to look away. Beast stood up beating his massive pecs and let out a satisfied howl heard for miles around. A bellow that was part challenge and part declaration. None could stand in the way of the Beast and his world subjugating cock.

Or was there…

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Story by AZZA. Illustration by TBC

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