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Better known as TRAMPLING, this is a fetish that comes from being tampled, stepped or walked on by another person or group of people. Generally it is a weaker smaller man being trampled by the god-like weight of a bigger muscular bloke. In my case any guy who wants to feel what it is like to be beneath the ultimate muscle alpha daddy´s thick vascular feet. Or even under my shoe!

There is many turn-on elements to this fetish such as domination, humiliation, Dom/Sub role play, Macro and even BDSM. Which of these themes are predominant will depend how I approach our session and the way I trample you and what verbal exchange we have.

This clip was taken from my hot session with a hot sub GUY  when I was last in London. Admittedly, as it was our first meet, I was too busy fucking him to explore any other fetish properly. I did make him worship my feet which is what this clip is taken from when at the end of making him lick and sniff my beast ripe feet I made him lie on the ground so I could stand on him.




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