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This post is a follow up from the one I did today on my Only Fans. If you want to know why I was probably the only porn actor that avoided cum you will have to log on and read what I confessed there!

But that was then and this is now…

It has only been with my current BF, piglet that I am opening my self up to cum play because he is the biggest load pig I have ever met! When I am inside him his eyes glaze over with this determined hungry look and he puts his sexy-sub-pig voice on and pleads, “Give me your load.” And it doesn’t matter if I am fucking him for 3 min or 3 hrs all he wants is THAT load.

I have always been but am now more turned on by pimping his cunt out and getting guys to load him up and then me shoving my cock in him knowing I am pushing it into those random loads. Or having him sit on my cock and ride me and make him push those loads out so that he leaks all over my cock and lap! I have drank my load out of his ass and spat it into his mouth… once. I was super horny that time. Im not quite there yet to do that on repeat BUT I am very turned on by having a sub on hand so that after I seed him he pushes it out and I make the sub take it in his mouth then kiss my boy and I join in and we swap the load between the 3 of us…

Really the options are endless if you are a pig like me and have an imagination like I do.

And don’t worry I plan to film all these cum play adventures for you guys to enjoy, maybe not with my fella but with an apt hot sub pig bottom.

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