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Click on the MUSCLE WORSHIP category on my XXX page for the best worship clips you will ever see. I know there’s bigger monsters than me but even guys double my size submit to me as their Alpha Muscle Beast! I often step outside my body and observe myself and what I am doing. Lately I have noticed that I am not as verbal or assertive in my domination over the guys I meet but never-the-less they are as submissive as when I was. I sometimes wonder why this is? I distinctly remember I was in a club in Brazil and a guy came up to me and said I just stand there, doing nothing and exude masculinity. That guys act or try to do what they perceive will make them masculine or dominant but I don’t have to. I just am. Like it is something primal in me. I remember this because I thought it was a FKIN awesome thing to say and boosted my ego out of the roof BUT at the same time humbled me knowing the journey I took from an insecure, self shamming, socially awkward boy and teen into the man I was standing in that club that night.

This primal alpha dominance is never more displayed than when I am flexing and being worshipped. Add to that, it is a massive turn on that makes my engorged fat cock throb like a fire hose turned on full blast, and you have the making for a very extreme testosterone filled beastial show of thick hairy muscular dominance and superiority. The sub feeds my need to display my God-like physique and in turn knowing he’s getting off on me makes me get off on myself even more! Its a win-win.

The above clip was taken from some footage I posted on my Only Fans You can see my using this sub in Eat Daddy’s Cock and Feet Fetish Fuck at my XXX page.

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