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Did you see my twitter post, you have a word limit so it is sometimes hard to get a proper description of what was said. So let me explain here, this hot muscle pup I am going to film with was on a date with some bloke who asked him what his plans were for the week, so as a funny story he brought up the fact that he was talking to me to meet and film with. The guy was disgusted in the idea and went on to, with total conviction, explain that he couldn’t have any respect for me as I was holding orgies during lockdown in Sydney giving everyone Covid! LOL!

Before you Covid Nazis crucify me, I  say LOL because, to begin with, anyone who is going to attend an orgy during lockdown obviously doesn’t give two fucks about Covid or the lockdown OR are BUG CHASERS, and whats it to him! And also, I got the fuck outta Australia as soon as lockdown hit, and for the short amount of time I was here, I was lockdown in Melbourne.

It’s been awhile since I’ve addressed something like this as I usually never engage or comment on all they shit talk gays do about me. And I seriously couldn’t give two fucks about the lockdown or Covid but I just love hearing all these stories that guys say about me. I love being in different parts of the country and the world at any given moment all at the same time. I love how the people that are adamant they know all about me and who I am are usually the ones that don’t have a FKIN clue, even if it was hitting them in their dumb–ass heads.

So when you hear a story about me, or when someone is shit talking about me and something I’ve allegedly done. Don’t believe it unless it turns you on, then go home and wank over it to your piggy holes content!

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