KIKASS songs you need to know about…

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this selection of songs are ones that I used to watch as a puppy FLEX! when I was discovering I was gay and would get turned on by the guys singing in these videos. Most of who i could press over my head with one arm these days but back then they were buff and hot and I don’t know what i wanted more? To look like them or do them… Enjoy… I still do!

SO if any of you have any doubts that im 100% FAG this post should fix that!

EAGLE LEATHER video installation for Company of Men Exhibition 2015.

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shot in London by the talented photographer JAY EFF (see my GALLERY page for our KIKASS shoots together!) and edited by myself for the Company of Men Exhibition 2015 this silent short film, #roganrichardswearseagleleather was played on a large 70’s TV next to this classic image that Jay Eff took of me in my EAGLE LEATHER mask, cock ring and #dontyouknowmyshoesarefamous kiks._DSC1089 2I get ALL my leather  gear and sex toys from EAGLE LEATHER Melbourne.


Brixton Couch

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Imagine you’re in the Brixton apartment you share with ROGAN RICHARDS. You’re minding your own business when ROGAN walks in naked with a massive hard on. He slumps on the couch and starts stroking himself off. Finally he turns to stare at you lying there exposed. His arms are out stretched behind his head, his juicy cock flopped on his hard abs, and he’s waiting. You hesitate and lose your chance because then…

ALFIE STONE arrives and doesn’t need an invitation to join in.

ROGAN slams ALFIE’S hot tight white ass with is big black cock like you would expect him too but there’s also an intimate pace here as he and ALFIE take it to a more passionate level.