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This video will be the last video I post before I compete (tomorrow) at the Arnold Classic Australia, in the Novice Bodybuilder Division. It is also the last session I had with my coach, Nathan James Williamson.

This video is made of sections from my documentary “the ROAD to ARNIE” that will be available in May my web site. The most intimate look at me, my bodybuilding and the world of the FLEX!

I performed two more weight sessions on my own before I stopped doing weights and cardio, 3 days out from walking onto the stage. (For what it’s worth I also filmed my last weights session, or attempted weights session…)

Tomorrow I will bring everything I have. Lets see if I can make it TWO firsts places trophies in a row…


the FIRST guy I ever had a CRUSH on…

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..was TARZAN. I didn’t really know it at the time. Why I couldn’t stop watching him on the TV or why I was completely captivated by him. I wanted to be him. I wanted to look like him. And now, looking back and knowing what I know, yes, I wanted to bang the shit outta him!

Many of my fans mistake He Man as being the major influence of me discovering my homosexuality and understandably so, massive muscular men in next to nothing wrestling with one another!  BUT I never did or have ever thought of He Man or the rest of the MOTU gang in a sexual way. Kinda like having a super sexy hot dad. You can appreciate he’s attraction to others but you have zero attraction to him yourself. (Unless you swing “that” way, and hey, personally, I’d prefer you bend your dad over than your poodle.)

It was Tarzan that was my first MAN – LOVE. I used to jack off to Miles O’Keeffe who played him in “Tarzan, the Ape Man”. And though I probably won’t jack of to this or any other Tarzan again, unless they get Calum Von Moger to play him, I can’t FKIN WAIT To see this film!

a KIKASS! review about my WEB SITE by David!

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“Rogan really enjoy your new site. Your’s seems to be the only site in porn today that can produce scorching hot content. Some of the big shots really need to pay you to do some producing for them!
Motel muscle wow really incredible, I haven’t been able to watch the video all the way through and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen content that hot.”


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What happens when you get 4 sexy, major, porn stars naked together with no direction or script? What comes naturally is a massive muscle fuck fest! Watch this and see for yourself – you won’t be disappointed or surprised that ROGAN hammers each and everyone their asses or that SKIPPY takes each and everyone of their three massive cocks. BUT you could never guess what happens right at the end!

thank you



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You seen the KIKASS photo shoots I did with these sexy good ball guys. “BARBIE BOYS” and “GOLDI-FLIP-FLOPS” is posted here at my BLOG in my “WORK WITH DAMO” Categories section.

In between shooting I threw on some Nicki Minaj and told the guys they should jump in front of the camera… This is what happened…

TRUFFLE BUTTER: Truffle butter is when you pull your dick out of a (female) asshole and continue fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is truffle butter. 

I guess for us fags it’s when we pull outta the ass and shove it in the mouth!

Then I threw SKIP in there to show them how it’s done!

You get to see all 4 of us NOT doing the truffle butter BUT just about everything else in MOTEL MUSCLE 4 WAY – being posed at my XXX PAGE tomorrow!