PRIDE can’t be killed but HATE can be.


I can’t even begin to understand that kind of horror in Orlando. but i am very aware of what loss feels like, hurt, frustration and injustice.

What I can talk about is HATE. it’s everywhere, you just have to read the comments on any given youtube post or even in my Ask Rogan segment and you can see how many people love to hate. Why does it take something horrific like the Orlando incident to unite our community? There is so much bitterness, judgement and separation within humanity as a whole. I’m all up for freedom of speech and freedom of choice but if you don’t like someone or don’t understand them why is the reaction hate? what ever happened to live and let live?

Those deaths start with us, every single one of us who has hated someone because we have been jealous of them, didn’t understand them or just didn’t like them. Sure, talking about gun laws is fine and dandy but removing a gun from a haters hand isn’t gonna stop them hating, we need to fight this social disease at it’s root.

We need to start with US. (that’s you and me, not the United States.)


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OK, so ive been trying to get rid of this Britney poster i pulled outta storage. I thought it would be cool to sign it and send it to one of my followers instead of dumping it at the local OP shop. So i made a post on instagram and facebook and now am doing a call out here.


To get this you just have to answer these 3 questions:

  1. What B song got me into her? 2. Whats my fav B collaboration (come on that’s FKIN easy!) and 3. What’s my fav B music video.

CLUE: All the answers have been said either on my insta or FB but no one has yet put the right answer to the right question… IF you think you know comment on this post!

LA Masks

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When you’re the FLEX! in Los Angeles what else is there to do than pick up sexy built blokes from the side of the road. This guy is all up for some man on man muscle and cock action as long as he is allowed to wear a mask.

A mattress is placed next to the window so all the surrounding homes can watch because ROGAN likes to show off. The guy is stripped made to flex and play with his sexy ass hole while ROGAN watches. When ROGAN gets his cock nice and hard he force-feeds it to bloke with out holding back.




Rogan Richards wants your ideas

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Use RoganRichards’ new feedback form to suggest what type of XXX or bodybuilding videos you’d like to see from Rogan Richards in the future. Let him know what you’d like to see him doing and / or who you’d like to see him doing. If he likes your idea, he may give you a shout out in the next video. The suggestion box is for members only, so you must be signed into the site to access this page. Click below to suggest a video or click on the Suggest a Video link in the footer of Rogan’s website.

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